•  11
    Band-filling effects in the magnetic anisotropy of atomic thin layers of Co
    with S. Gallego, L. Szunyogh, and P. Weinberger
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  •  8
    Christian Bioethics, Brain Death, and Vital Organ Donation
    Christian Bioethics 24 (1): 79-94. 2018.
  •  1
    Under what conditions is the breaking of confidentiality acceptable to lay people and health professionals
    with M. Guedj, E. Mullet, and P. C. Sorum
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  • Spatial potential ripples of azimuthal surface modes in topological insulator Bi 2 Te 3 nanowires
    with Y. Zhang, C. V. Manzano, Alvaro R., J. Gooth, M. Salmeron, and M. Martin-Gonzalez
    Topological insulators nanowires are an emerging class of structures, promising both novel quantum effects and potential applications in low-power electronics, thermoelectrics and spintronics. However, investigating the electronic states of TI NWs is complicated, due to their small lateral size, especially at room temperature. Here, we perform scanning probe based nanoscale imaging to resolve the local surface potential landscapes of Bi 2 Te 3 nanowires at 300 K. We found equipotential rings aro…Read more