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    This volume presents the proceedings of an international workshop on the processing of declarative knowledge. The workshop was organized and hosted by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in cooperation with the Association for Logic Programming (ALP) and the Gesellschaft f}r Informatik (GI). Knowledge is often represented using definite clauses, rules, constraints, functions, conceptual graphs, and related formalisms. The workshop addressed such high-level representatio…Read more
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    Teubner. 1978.
    In diesem Buch werden Aspekte der Aussagenlogik und der Prädikaten­ logik der ersten Stufe behandelt. Eine Mathematisierung und Kalkü­ lisierung der Logik kann natürlich ganz verschieden ausfallen, je nach dem, von welchen Motiven man sich primär leiten läßt. Wir stellen drei Gesichtspunkte, die uns auch als die wesentlichsten erscheinen, in den Vordergrund: Die Formalisierung des Wahrheits­ begriffes, die Formalisierung des Beweisbarkeitsbegriffes und das Problem des Suchens nach Beweisen. Dies…Read more
  • Proceedings: Karlsruhe, FRG, October 12-16, 1987. 1
    with E. Börger and H. Kleine Büning
    . 1988.
  • Computer Science Logic 4th Workshop, Csl '90, Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-5, 1990 : Proceedings'
    with Egon Börger, Hans Kleine Büning, and Wolfgang Schönfeld
    Springer Verlag. 1991.
    The workshop Computer Science Logic '90 was held at the Max-Planck-Haus in Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-5, 1990. It was the fourth in a series of worskhops, following CSL '89 at the University of Kaiserslautern (see LNCS 440), CSL '88 at the University of Duisberg (see LNCS 385), and CSL '87 at the University of Karlsruhe (see LNCS 329). This volume contains 24 papers, chosen by means of a review procedure from the 35 papers presented at the workshop, some of which were invited and some select…Read more
  • CSL'88: 2nd Workshop on Computer Science Logic, Duisburg, FRG, October 3-7, 1988. Proceedings
    with Egon Börger and Hans Kleine Büning
    Springer Verlag. 1989.
    This volume contains the papers which were presented at the second workshop "Computer Science Logic" held in Duisburg, FRG, October 3-7, 1988. These proceedings cover a wide range of topics both from theoretical and applied areas of computer science. More specifically, the papers deal with problems arising at the border of logic and computer science: e.g. in complexity, data base theory, logic programming, artificial intelligence, and concurrency. The volume should be of interest to all logician…Read more
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    Computer Science Logic: 6th Workshop, Csl'92, San Miniato, Italy, September 28 - October 2, 1992. Selected Papers
    with Egon Börger, Gerhard Jäger, Hans Kleine Büning, and Simone Martini
    Springer Verlag. 1993.
    This workshop on stochastic theory and adaptive control assembled many of the leading researchers on stochastic control and stochastic adaptive control to increase scientific exchange and cooperative research between these two subfields of stochastic analysis. The papers included in the proceedings include survey and research. They describe both theoretical results and applications of adaptive control. There are theoretical results in identification, filtering, control, adaptive control and vari…Read more
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    Computer Science Logic 5th Workshop, Csl '91, Berne, Switzerland, October 7-11, 1991 : Proceedings'
    with Egon Börger, Gerhard Jäger, and Hans Kleine Büning
    Springer Verlag. 1992.
    This volume presents the proceedings of the workshop CSL '91 (Computer Science Logic) held at the University of Berne, Switzerland, October 7-11, 1991. This was the fifth in a series of annual workshops on computer sciencelogic (the first four are recorded in LNCS volumes 329, 385, 440, and 533). The volume contains 33 invited and selected papers on a variety of logical topics in computer science, including abstract datatypes, bounded theories, complexity results, cut elimination, denotational s…Read more
  • Computer Science Logic. CSL’92, San Miniato, Italy. Selected Papers (edited book)
    with Egon Börger, Hans Kleine Büning, Jäger Gerhard, and Simone Martini
    Springer. 1993.
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