• How spoke Genisaretsky
    Vox Philosophical journal. forthcoming.
    This Essay written in memoriam of Russian Philosopher Oleg Igorevich Genisaretsky (28.02.1944 — 11.05.2022). Its main intention is to study specific features of Genisaretsky’s philosophical speech. There are two parts. In the first part is discussed Genisaretsky’s traditionalism and philosophical artistry. A concept of philosophical gesture is applied there. The concept is defined as “pointing at possible Other that could, somehow, become ours”. The second part dedicated to specificity of Genisa…Read more
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    Young Merab Mamardashvili, his Department and his friends: making of a philosopher
    Studies in East European Thought 71 (3): 179-197. 2019.
    The early works of Merab Mamardashvili are usually neglected by admirers and critics alike. In this paper, I focus on the very early period of Mamardashvili’s development as a professional philosopher putting it in the context of the thinker’s interactions with the intellectual community in 1950s and then current discussions about the perspectives of professional philosophy in the USSR. Special attention is paid to a small society of dedicated young philosophers with whom he shared logical and p…Read more
  • Vladimir Ern was one of the last pre-Revolution generation’s philosophers who viewed Plato as an effective alternative to contemporary Western philosophy, and was among those who tried to reconstruct Plato’s way of thinking in order to revolutionize philosophy. Ern produced his own interpretation of existential grounds of Plato’s metaphysics, which he discovered in “Sun ekstasis” that presumably had happened to Plato as the ultimate final of his search for the Supreme Truth. Ern develops his per…Read more