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    The Right to Die with Dignity
    Croatian Journal of Philosophy 3 (2): 211-214. 2003.
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    Duty to Die
    Prolegomena 9 (1): 45-69. 2010.
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    Dužnost umiranja
    Prolegomena 9 (1): 45-69. 2010.
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    The Moral and Cognitive Value of Art
    Etica E Politica 15 (1): 474-505. 2013.
    This paper is about the notions of the artistic, aesthetic, cognitive and moral value of art and their interconnectedness. The main concern is to try to advocate the cognitivist claim about the artistic value of artworks’ contribution to the advance of knowledge, as well as for the relevance of the moral dimension for artistic value. This is a discussion of the intersection of the debate about moral and aesthetic value. The central part of the paper is focused on a debate with Peter Lamarque. Th…Read more
  • Duty to Die: Dužnost umiranja
    Prolegomena 9 (1): 45-69. 2010.
    In contemporary debates on euthanasia, physician assisted suicide and withholding and withdrawing life prolonging treatments, besides commonly used reasons, which are based on presumption of freedom and avoidance of pain, there is also an idea of a duty to die. Given that individuals are also members of society, and that they have families and loved ones, it is necessary to discuss cases when illness causes severe burdens for lives of loved ones. We consider that patient’s just assessment of dut…Read more