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    Pseudo-clefts are the building blocks of coherent discourse progression and serve as a rhetorical toolkit to construct an authorial stance in the academic discourse. Despite an increasing interest in grammatical constructions in the academic discourse, researchers have not treated pseudo-clefts in much detail. This paper explores the features of pseudo-clefts in the corpus of academic discourse in the field of applied linguistics. Here, we take the textual and the interpersonal perspectives, foc…Read more
  • How Urban Administration Were Misled?
    with Hu-sen An
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 6 61-69. 2004.
    City management and urban management in recent years a hot topic in academic research, but many scholars and managers to operate in the city's urban reality-based, meaning nature, followed by the basic theory and other aspects of the problems faced and did not achieve the same views. Although the city management demonstrated in many forms, but its meaning and essence is to enhance the competitiveness of the target city; the theoretical basis of urban management can be from the Tiebout model, rei…Read more
  • In this paper, based on the fast finite-time stability theorem, an adaptive fuzzy control problem is considered for a class of nonlinear systems in pure-feedback form with unknown disturbance. In the controller design process, the mean value theorem is applied to address the nonaffine structure of the pure-feedback plant, the universal approximation capability of the fuzzy logic system is utilized to compensate the unknown uncertainties, and the adaptive backstepping technique is used to design …Read more