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    Wernicke-Kleist-Leonhard phenotypes of endogenous psychoses: a review of their validity
    with J. R. Foucher, M. Gawlik, J. N. Roth, C. de Crespin de Billy, L. C. Jeanjean, A. Obrecht, O. Mainberger, J. M. E. Clauss, J. Elowe, S. Weibel, B. Schorr, M. Cetkovich, C. Morra, F. Rebok, T. A. Ban, B. Bollmann, M. S. Hanke, B. E. Jabs, E. J. Franzek, F. Berna, and B. Pfuhlmann
    Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience 22 (1): 37-49. 2020.
    While the ICD-DSM paradigm has been a major advance in clinical psychiatry, its usefulness for biological psychiatry is debated. By defining consensus-based disorders rather than empirically driven phenotypes, consensus classifications were not an implementation of the biomedical paradigm. In the field of endogenous psychoses, the Wernicke-Kleist-Leonhard pathway has optimized the descriptions of 35 major phenotypes using common medical heuristics on lifelong diachronic observations. Regarding t…Read more