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    Pluralism: a Comparative Review and Analysis of Motahhari and Karl Rahner’s View
    with Javad Mohammadi
    Journal of Philosophical Theological Research 16 (61): 121-140. 2014.
    In the future.
  • The Connexion of Imagination with Identity in Mullā Sadrā’s Philosophy
    with Sayed Mahdi Mirhadi and Hasanali Bakhtyar Nasrabadi
    Journal of Philosophical Theological Research 19 (72): 68-88. 2017.
    By exploiting the method of analysis and inference, this article tries to put forward a precise sketch of Mullā Sadrā’s philosophical perspective on the connexion of human imagination with her identity. Such an accurate sketch can provide a framework of and an outlook on the characteristics of genetical intermediations of imagination in shaping/constituting human identity. species-based form, fluid form, and ultimate form are all the key concepts to explain human identity and its intrinsic fluid…Read more