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    Hume and our treatment of animals
    Essays in Philosophy 5 (2): 13. 2004.
    This paper is concerned with the bias in favor of the interests of the members of some species of non- human animals and against the interests of the members of other species of non-human animals. This view, which I call modified speciesism, is perhaps related to Singer’s speciesism, but neither entails nor is entailed by it. The argument takes the following form: given that exploited animals are morally equivalent to non-exploited animals and given that non-exploited animals are morally entitle…Read more
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    Who really causes the lady to vanish?
    American Journal of Bioethics 8 (12). 2008.
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    The purpose of this dissertation is to present what I think is a particularly compelling normative version of sentimentalism. The moral principle which is the foundation of this ethic is: An act, or a failure to act, is morally wrong if and only if it is committed by, contributed to by, or allowed by a moral agent, and both the motive is disapproved of by the impartial spectator and any consequence is disliked by the impartial spectator. I begin this dissertation by explaining and defending the …Read more
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    Primate Stroke Research: Still Not Interested
    American Journal of Bioethics 9 (5): 29-30. 2009.