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    PROTACs: The Future of Leukemia Therapeutics
    with Zubair Anwar, Antonio Galvano, Alessandro Perez, Maria La Mantia, Ihtisham Bukhari, and Bartlomiej Swiatczak
    Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 10 851087. 2022.
    The fight to find effective, long-lasting treatments for cancer has led many researchers to consider protein degrading entities. Recent developments in PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (PROTACs) have signified their potential as possible cancer therapies. PROTACs are small molecule, protein degraders that function by hijacking the built-in Ubiquitin-Proteasome pathway. This review mainly focuses on the general design and functioning of PROTACs as well as current advancements in the development of …Read more
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    Board Age and Gender Diversity: A Test of Competing Linear and Curvilinear Predictions (review)
    with Yin Lu Ng and Carol T. Kulik
    Journal of Business Ethics 125 (3): 1-16. 2014.
    The inconsistent findings of past board diversity research demand a test of competing linear and curvilinear diversity–performance predictions. This research focuses on board age and gender diversity, and presents a positive linear prediction based on resource dependence theory, a negative linear prediction based on social identity theory, and an inverted U-shaped curvilinear prediction based on the integration of resource dependence theory with social identity theory. The predictions were teste…Read more
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    The Role of Service Recovery in Post-purchase Consumer Behavior During COVID-19: A Malaysian Perspective
    with Muhammad Mazhar, Ding Hooi Ting, Ali Hussain, Muhammad Aamir Nadeem, and Umaima Tariq
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the incidence of service failure in rendering service process during COVID-19. It further explores the outcomes of service recovery offered to customers in case of service failure. Like other businesses, webstores have also faced the challenges in their efforts to satisfy their customers during COVID-19. Service failure has increased due to unexpected circumstances produced by this pandemic. It has become necessary for the webstores to retain their dis…Read more
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    Drawing on social cognitive theory and social information processing theory, this study investigated how organizations' efforts to embody environmental corporate social responsibility (ECSR) shape consumer perception of a green corporate image through employees' environmental passion and pro-environmental behavior (PEB). To test our hypotheses, we collected multisource time-lagged data from 214 employee–customer dyads from hotel and banking sector organizations in Pakistan. The findings show tha…Read more
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    COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the socio-economic context of Bangladesh
    with Samima Akter Rozy
    Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 31 (1): 38-42. 2021.
    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a variety of socioeconomic changes around the world. There is a widespread outbreak of coronavirus in Bangladesh. Due to this terrible situation, various changes are taking place in the context of the people of Bangladesh. In this paper, the social changes caused by coronavirus economically and socially such as food habits, communication system, communication rituals, online education activities, online shopping, unemployment, economical threat, and changes of ma…Read more
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    Does CEO–Audit Committee/Board Interlocking Matter for Corporate Social Responsibility?
    with Sudipta Bose, Sarowar Hossain, and Abul Shamsuddin
    Journal of Business Ethics 179 (3): 819-847. 2022.
    This study examines the impact of the Chief Executive Officer ’s interlocking, created through serving on other companies’ audit committees and/or boards, on corporate social responsibility performance of the focal company and that of its linked companies. We find that CEO interlocking positively affects CSR performance of both the focal company and its linked companies. Further analysis shows that interlocks created by the CEO enhance CSR performance and in turn the financial performance of bot…Read more
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    Effect of Online Reviews and Crowd Cues on Restaurant Choice of Customer: Moderating Role of Gender and Perceived Crowding
    with Ding Hooi Ting, Muhammad Ahmad-ur-Rahman, Shoukat Ali, Falik Shear, and Muhammad Mazhar
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    This study is aimed to identify the relative effect of online review ratings and perceived crowding on purchase intentions of a consumer. Our study also investigated the contingent effect of gender and perceived crowding between the relationship of exogenous and endogenous variables. This study was conducted in the Malaysian restaurant industry. We applied the purposive sampling technique to identify respondents, the mall intercept survey method was used for data collection. Smart PLS software w…Read more
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    A Critical Study of the Views of Sayyed Hossein Nasr on the Philosophical Foundation of Islamic Science
    with Muhammad Junaid Mughal and Muhammad Tahir
    TRAMES 26 (2): 141-156. 2022.
    In recent years, Muslim scholars have written on the need of the revival of Islamic science and its philosophical foundation. The main aim of this paper is to examine the views of Sayyed Hossein Nasr, who is considered as one of the pioneers in the area of the revival of Islamic science. Other than Nasr, Muslim scholars argued that the Islamic science is different from modern Western science in terms of its purpose and philosophical foundation and delineated their viewpoints within the philosoph…Read more
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    E-governance mechanism in pakistan: An analytical perspective
    with Mughees Ahmed
    Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 55 (1): 63-74. 2016.
    The e-government is a new term which is about the process for decision making and implementing through modern technology. E government refers to improve the efficiency, ensure the accountability, transparency effectiveness of government through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. It is in this context, the study of e-government has become very important in the literature of social sciences, administrative sciences and public policy studies. In the present scenario, e-governmen…Read more
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    The road to chaghi: A historical perspective on pakistan’s nuclear program
    with Suwaibah Qadri and Rizwana Jabeen
    Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities 57 (2): 113-124. 2018.
    Nuclearization of South Asia always remains the most imperative concern for the international community particularly when In May 1998, India and Pakistan tested their nuclear devices which plunged South Asia into a relentless nuclear arms race. Since then, the nuclearization of South Asia has been a reality but the region is as insecure as it was before. Historically, Pakistan’s nuclear program has been a subject of contention with the Western world. Pakistan has worked hard and successfully to …Read more
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    There are many problematic questions about a number of concepts and laws used in sciences, especially in doctrinal sciences associated with Almighty Allah, for what they cause to the beliefs related to the individuals’ faith, which may appear to be somewhat contradictory or incompatible with what has come in the Shariah, or considered unauthorized conduct by religion, and thus would lead to differences between nations and their members. In this article, we have tried to choose one of the concept…Read more