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    Asking questions that matter – Question prompt lists as tools for improving the consent process for neurotechnology clinical trials
    with Andreas Schönau, Sara Goering, Erika Versalovic, Tim Brown, Ishan Dasgupta, and Eran Klein
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16. 2022.
    Implantable neurotechnology devices such as Brain Computer Interfaces and Deep Brain Stimulators are an increasing part of treating or exploring potential treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. While only a few devices are approved, many promising prospects for future devices are under investigation. The decision to participate in a clinical trial can be challenging, given a variety of risks to be taken into consideration. During the consent process, prospective participants migh…Read more
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    Integrating Equity Work throughout Bioethics
    with Eran Klein, Erika Versalovic, Andreas Schönau, Darcy McCusker, Timothy Emmanuel Brown, and Sara Goering
    American Journal of Bioethics 22 (1): 26-27. 2022.
    As members of a neuroethics research group funded by the NIH, we echo the call from Fabi and Goldberg for greater funding parity between the ethics of specialized medical technologies and br...