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    The Problematic of Architecture and Utopia
    Utopian Studies 25 (1): 1-22. 2014.
    Architecture and the architect, threatened with disappearance, capitulate before the property developer who spends the money. And best of all is finding a place to be in the early years of a better civilisation. As the articles in this special issue on the problematic of architecture and Utopia attest, the final word on the influence of Utopia on architecture, and of the veracity of claims that modern architecture in particular was utopian, is a long way off. Definitions are elusive, as is any r…Read more
  • Utopias and Architecture
    Utopian Studies 18 (1): 88-90. 2007.
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    with Tim Waterman
    Utopian Studies 26 (2): 416. 2015.