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    Specific heat of CeRhIn 5 : Pressure-driven transition from antiferromagnetism to heavy-fermion superconductivity
    with R. A. Fisher, F. Bouquet, M. F. Hundley, P. G. Pagliuso, J. L. Sarrao, Z. Fisk, and J. D. Thompson
    CeRhIn5 is known to show an unusual transition at a critical pressure of ∼15 kbar. Specific-heat data show a gradual change in the zero-field "magnetic" specific-heat anomaly from one typical of antiferromagnetic ordering at ambient pressure to one more characteristic of a Kondo singlet ground state at 21 kbar. However, at 15 kbar there is a discontinuous change from an antiferromagnetic ground state to a superconducting ground state, and evidence of a weak thermodynamic first-order transition. …Read more