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    Knowledge mining and social dangerousness assessment in criminal justice: metaheuristic integration of machine learning and graph-based inference
    with Alfonso Guarino, Delfina Malandrino, and Rocco Zaccagnino
    Artificial Intelligence and Law 1-50. forthcoming.
    One of the main challenges for computational legal research is drawing up innovative heuristics to derive actionable knowledge from legal documents. While a large part of the research has been so far devoted to the extraction of purely legal information, less attention has been paid to seeking out in the texts the clues of more complex entities: legally relevant facts whose detection requires to link and interpret, as a unified whole, legal information and results of empirical analyses. This pap…Read more
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    Neminem laedere. An evolutionary agent-based model of the interplay between punishment and damaging behaviours
    with Domenico Parisi
    Artificial Intelligence and Law 21 (4): 425-453. 2013.
    This article aims at contributing to the discussion about the relationships between ICT, computer science and policy-making by focusing on agent-based social simulation. Enabled, from a technical point of view, by the developments of Distributed Artificial Intelligence in the 1990s and by the features of the object-oriented programming paradigm, agent-based social simulations are a tool for the analysis of social dynamics that can be used also to support the design and the evaluation of public p…Read more