Nicola Liberati

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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    Leib Y tecnologías: Relaciones Y co-fundación
    Investigaciones Fenomenológicas 11 165. 2021.
    El objetivo de este trabajo es estudiar la relación y la co-fundación entre el cuerpo viviente [Leib] y la tecnología desde una perspectiva Husserliana. Quisiera afirmar la necesidad de abandonar el concepto clásico del Leib como un ser desnudo y natural, constituyéndose a sí mismo por sus características biológicas. Estudiando la acción de la tecnología, en primer lugar como una mera extensión y después como una incorporación, la relación cofundacional entre la tecnología y el Leib se hará evid…Read more
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    Living with Artificial Intelligence
    with Maurizio Balestrieri
    Humana Mente 13 (37). 2020.
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    The aim of this work is to analyze the constitution of a new collective subject thanks to wearable computers. Wearable computers are emerging technologies which are supposed to become pervasively used in the near future. They are devices designed to be on us every single moment of our life and to capture every experience we have. Therefore, we need to be prepared to such intrusive devices and to analyze potential effect they will have on us and our society. Thanks to a phenomenological and postp…Read more
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    Vulnerability under the gaze of robots: relations among humans and robots
    with Shoji Nagataki
    AI and Society 34 (2): 333-342. 2019.
    The problem of artificial intelligence and human being has always raised questions about possible interactions among them and possible effects yielded by the introduction of such un-human subject. Dreyfus deeply connects intelligence and body based on a phenomenological viewpoint. Thanks to his reading of Merleau-Ponty, he clearly stated that an intelligence must be embodied into a body to function. According to his suggestion, any AI designed to be human-like is doom to failure if there is no t…Read more
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    Emotions and Digital Technologies
    Humana Mente 12 (36). 2019.
    Digital technologies are pervasively used, and they are becoming part of our everyday actions by being designed to be connected to every aspect of our private life like emotions. However, it is not very clear how they are going to change who we are through their tight intertwinement. Especially in relation to emotions, it is not clear at all what happens when they become digitalized and visualized through these digital devices. Usually, the research focusses on the effect on the privacy of the i…Read more
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    Achieving a Self-Satisfied Intimate Life Through Computer Technologies?
    In Andrea Altobrando, Takuya Niikawa & Richard Stone (eds.), The Realizations of the Self, Springer. pp. 233-247. 2018.
    This work aims to understand how a subject can be sentimentally and intimately self-realized by having a relationship with other people through computer technologies. We will analyze the relations binding together the subjects when their “presence” and “interactions” are digitally mediated thanks to a phenomenological analysis. In the first part, we will highlight the differences of using digital devices instead of having face-to-face meetings, especially in virtual worlds. In the second part, w…Read more
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    Phenomenology and the Object’s Constitution through Technology
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 27 67-71. 2018.
    The aim of my paper is to focus our attention on the effect of technologies in the constitution of the objects in our world following a Husserlian approach. I will analyze the relation among the subject, technology and world in order to clarify how the technologies are deeply involved in the constitution of the perceived object by the modification of its content in its “richness” and its inner horizon. Indeed, some devices become instruments to better and sharpen the subject’s perceiving skills …Read more
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    Facing the Digital Partner
    Glimpse 19 99-107. 2018.
    The aim of this work is to understand what kind of “other” a digital being can be, or the kind of “otherness” that can be attributed to a digital being. Digital technologies are emerging in our surroundings, and they are so close to us that they can be in intimate relationships with us. There are products like Gatebox, which are designed to produce digital entities that are not merely part of the surroundings, but that are also partners with which humans have relationships. In studying the kind …Read more
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    The aim of this paper is to analyse the effects on the everyday world of actual Augmented Reality games which introduce digital objects in our surroundings from a phenomenological point of view. Augmented Reality is a new technology aiming to merge digital and real objects, and it is becoming pervasively used thanks to the application for mobile devices Pokémon Go by Niantic. We will study this game and other similar applications to shed light on their possible effects on our lives and on our ev…Read more
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    The aim of this paper is to analyse teledildonics from a phenomenological perspective in order to show the possible effects they will have on ourselves and on our society. The new way of using digital technologies is to merge digital activities with our everyday praxes, and there are already devices which enable subjects to be digitally connected in every moment of their lives. Even the most intimate ones are becoming mediated by devices such as teledildonics which digitally provide a tactual st…Read more
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    Teledildonics and Digital Intimacy
    Glimpse 18 103-110. 2017.
    Computer technologies are riding a golden trend in terms of innovation. New computer devices are emerging and they directly aim to extend the subject’s living body beyond the natural limits of its mere flesh. Some of these devices can be used to recreate perceptual organs in other places of the world. Of special interest are teledildonic devices, remotely controlled dildos, which provide tactual sensations that simulate part of a subject’s body as being relocated in another place, enabling a sub…Read more
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    Technology always provides a new perception of the world. However, it is not clear when technology produces “mere” new informations and when it provides something more such as a production of new objects in our world which start to “live” around us. The aim of this paper is to study how technology shapes our surrounding world. The questions which we are going to answer are: Is it really adding new objects to our world? If yes, does every technology have this potentiality? We are going to tackle …Read more
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    The AR glasses’ “non-neutrality”: their knock-on effects on the subject and on the giveness of the object
    with Shoji Nagataki
    Ethics and Information Technology 17 (2): 125-137. 2015.
    This work focuses on augmented reality glasses and its aim is to analyse the knock-on effects on our everyday world and ourselves yielded by this kind of technology. Augmented reality is going to be the most diffused technology in our everyday life in the near future, especially augmented reality mounted on glasses. This near future is not only possible, but it seems inevitable following the vertiginous development of AR. There are numerous kinds of different prototypes that are going to come ou…Read more