• Cosa cambia con Lacan? Saperi, pratiche, poteri. Una presentazione
    with Adone Brandalise
    International Journal of Žižek Studies 6 (4). 2012.
    The aim of this “italian issue” is to pose the question “What change with Lacan in philosophy and in political/social theory?”. This problems is addressed by the authors with attention for the relationship between Lacan and philosophical-political modern thought, Lacan and French Marxism , Lacan and Žižek. The concern of the authors is not only in Lacan, but also in his effect to construct a contemporary analysis of political field
  • Lacan e il politico Tre affondi per un lavoro a venire
    International Journal of Žižek Studies 6 (4). 2012.
    The focus of this paper is the Lacanian critical reading of the modern political device: the individual and the human rights, the theological side of modern science, the idea of power and of revolution. From this point, the article tries to underline the originality of Lacanian theory in the field of political philosophy, and to debate this outcomes with respects to the major studies of “political Lacan”