Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States of America
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    The ‘Ontological Complicity’ of Habitus and Field: Was Bourdieu an ‘Externalist’?
    In Duncan Pritchard, Orestis Palermos & Adam Carter (eds.), Socially Extended Epistemology, Oxford University Press. forthcoming.
    Our aim in this chapter is to contribute to a greater appreciation of Bourdieu’s work within debates on embodied, extended and distributed cognition, grouped under the general heading of externalism (Rowlands 2003, Carter et al. 2014). We seek to draw out several pertinent elements of Bourdieu’s theory of social practice, and show how they variously resonate with, enrich, or problematize key externalist theses. We begin with an overview of the main elements of Bourdieu’s theoretical enterprise, …Read more
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    This is the first work to explicitly target Bourdieu's philosophy of space as a basic organizing force for his social theory. It draws together his work on both social space and physical space, and it applies the logic that binds them together to problems of architecture and urban development