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    Social Movements and the Pandemic
    New Horizon 2020 (May). 2020.
    The COVID-19 pandemic worsens the crises generated by neoliberal capitalism. The “economic resiliency” of the Philippines is not a strength for the struggling masses rather a “financial strength” for the exporter and importer of surplus capital, e.g. the creditors and investors, favoring the few against the many. The lens and jargon of multilateral development banks bear bourgeois morality and myth describing the Philippine economy and the Filipinos “resilient” amid perennial crises brought by n…Read more
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    The 4S of Foucault Amid the Pandemic
    Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy 2020 (Special Issue): 126-151. 2020.
    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, issues and crises arise from the quarantine and/or lockdown policy prompting the United Nations to note the Philippines’ “highly militarized response”. In this regard, this paper discusses Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison citing its “the segmented space”, “the surveillance”, “the syndic”, and “the supplice” (henceforth, 4S), and at the same time, weighs the pros and cons constituted from the concrete condition of the citizens. Given t…Read more
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    Duterte's Presidency: New Politics, Same Politicians
    Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy 2018 (Special Issue): 161-180. 2018.
    A new hope has sprouted from the southern part of the Philippines. Politicians outside the Manila-circle felt that they were vindicated when Duterte won the presidency. Of course, the entire nation rejoices with the coming of a “non- traditional” politician, and self-proclaimed leftist and socialist president. But the first two years of Duterte's presidency compel Filipinos to ponder what's going on with the country. Thus, this paper focuses on the incongruity of Duterte's promises with his impl…Read more
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    Teaching Marxism In a Neoliberal era
    PHAVISVINDA 16 (May 2018): 111-146. 2018.
    During the last two years, senior high school teachers struggled with course contents in a neoliberal education. While the Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) focuses on pedagogical knowledge, their concern is to deepen their content knowledge. As a result, they face difficulty in teaching the subjects, one of which is Marxism under Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences (DISS). Enriching this paper, the query turns to the key participants of the sector and seek their insights. Then, critical…Read more