•  43
    O Logos na Retórica e na Política de Aristóteles
    with João Paulo Goulart
    In Luiz Antonio Ferreira (ed.), Inteligência retórica: o logos, Blucher. pp. 39-46. 2021.
  •  18
    Aristotle on Emotions in Law and Politics (edited book)
    with Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer
    Springer Verlag. 2018.
    In this book, experts from the fields of law and philosophy explore the works of Aristotle to illuminate the much-debated and fascinating relationship between emotions and justice. Emotions matter in connection with democracy and equity – they are relevant to the judicial enforcement of rights, legal argumentation, and decision-making processes in legislative bodies and courts. The decisive role that emotions, feelings and passions play in these processes cannot be ignored – not even by those wh…Read more