•  425
    Comprehensive Review on Advanced Adversarial Attack and Defense Strategies in Deep Neural Network (review, 8th ed.)
    with Brown Anderson
    International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science 156-166. 2023.
    In adversarial machine learning, attackers add carefully crafted perturbations to input, where the perturbations are almost imperceptible to humans, but can cause models to make wrong predictions. In this paper, we did comprehensive review of some of the most recent research, advancement and discoveries on adversarial attack, adversarial sampling generation, the potency or effectiveness of each of the existing attack methods, we also did comprehensive review on some of the most recent research, …Read more
  •  116
    Secure and Scalable Data Mining Technique over a Restful Web Services
    with Solar Francesco
    International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science. forthcoming.
    Scalability, efficiency, and security had been a persistent problem over the years in data mining, several techniques had been proposed and implemented but none had been able to solve the problem of scalability, efficiency and security from cloud computing. In this research, we solve the problem scalability, efficiency and security in data mining over cloud computing by using a restful web services and combination of different technologies and tools, our model was trained by using different mach…Read more