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    Metaphysics’ Accountability Gap
    Idealistic Studies 50 (1): 51-72. 2020.
    This article suggests a frame for thinking together Hegel and Schelling’s competing mature approaches to metaphysics. It argues that both reject modern metaphysics’ belief that there exists such a thing as the “world’s ontology.” In their mature philosophies, Hegel and Schelling develop metaphysical approaches based on what I call the “accountability gap.” For Hegel, reason is a matter of thinking under conceptual presuppositions we come to know and evaluate in hindsight. Hegel gives up on the m…Read more
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    Naturalness and Deformation in Hegel's Inorganic Philosophy of Nature
    Review of Metaphysics 76 (3): 473-505. 2023.
    Abstract:This article discusses Hegel's claim that nature is the idea (Idee) having become external (äußerlich) to itself. Usually taken to signal a type of limitation in Hegel's philosophy, the author argues that recent interpretations of nature's externality are not entirely successfully because they reconstruct nature by either looking back to logic or forward to spirit. Instead, the article offers an interpretation that starts off from Hegel's argument that nature is "weak" (ohnmächtig) as i…Read more