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    In the majority of papers on probability in the framework of possible worlds the existence of a global probability distribution is taken for granted. The aim of the article is to discuss the epistemic aspect of this assumption in the connection to the status assigned to possible worlds. Two questions are discussed in particular: the justification of the global probability distribution and compatibility of the global probability assumption with the structure of the universe of the possible worlds…Read more
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    Interpretace znalosti v substrukturálních rámcích
    with Michal Peliš
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 20 (1): 79-98. 2013.
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    Towards evaluation games for fuzzy logics
    with Petr Cintula
    In Ondrej Majer, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen & Tero Tulenheimo (eds.), Games: Unifying Logic, Language, and Philosophy, Springer Verlag. pp. 117--138. 2009.
  • Subjektivní pravděpodobnost a realistické možné světy
    Filosoficky Casopis 49 495-505. 2001.
    [Subjective probability and realistic possible worlds]
  • Teoria zdarzeń sekwencyjnych
    Filozofia Nauki 1. 2002.
    The article deals with the problem of inductive learning and predicting in dynamic processes, which can be formally represented as time series of atomic events. The central notion of sequential event is characterised as a finite subsequence of adjacent atomic events in a series. In the first part of the article an algorythmic model of learning is introduced. The criterion of learning is based on the frequency of a particular sequential event and on the time-distance of its previous occurrences f…Read more
  • Knowledge Interpretation in Substructural Frames
    with Michal Pelis
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 20 79-98. 2013.