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    Conspiratorial rationality
    Sign Systems Studies 48 (2-4): 519-528. 2021.
    Review of Strategic Conspiracy Narratives: A Semiotic Approach [Series Conspiracy Theories; Knight, Peter; Butter, Michael, series eds.] by Mari-Liis Madisson and Andreas Ventsel. London: Routledge, 2020, x+134 pp.
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    Biopolitical subjectification
    Sign Systems Studies 47 (1/2): 105-125. 2019.
    The article proposes a semiotic interpretation of the concept of biopolitics. Instead of a politics that takes “life itself ” as its object and, as a result, separates life as an object from subjects, biopolitics is read as subjectification – a governmental rationality that constructs social ways of being and forms of life, that is, social subjectivities. The article articulates this position on the basis of two concepts: Jakob von Uexküll’s umwelt and Michel Foucault’s dispositive. While the fo…Read more
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    Surviving finitude: Survival as a constructed foundation of identity
    Sign Systems Studies 46 (1): 90-116. 2018.
    The article deals with the biopolitical underpinnings of the Estonian national identity construction which is analysed by concentrating on public media coverage of the Estonian Population and Housing Census 2011; and the passing of the Registered Partnership Act in 2014. The object of analysis is the discourse – or the manner of speaking – that becomes apparent in the discussion of these cases. It is called the discourse of survival, since the main aim of national identity construction is to ens…Read more
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    Biopolitics Meets Biosemiotics: The Semiotic Thresholds of Anti-Aging Interventions
    with Andreas Ventsel
    Theory, Culture and Society 35 (1): 117-139. 2018.
    Biosemiotics and the analysis of biopower have not yet been explicitly brought together. This article attempts to find their connecting points from the perspective of biosemiotics. It uses the biosemiotic understanding of the different types of semiosis in order to approach the practices of biopower and biopolitics. The central concept of the paper is that of the ‘semiotic threshold’. We can speak of the lower semiotic threshold, signifying the dividing line between non-semiosis and semiosis; an…Read more
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    The figure of the teacher in Estonian school discourse
    with Mirjam Puumeister
    Confero Essays on Education Philosophy and Politics 2 (1): 9-33. 2014.
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