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    Charitable giving (Peter Singer)
    Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. 2018.
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    Resisting Sparrow's Sexy Reductio : Selection Principles and the Social Good
    with Simon Rippon, Katrien Devolder, Russell Powell, and Thomas Douglas
    American Journal of Bioethics 10 (7): 16-18. 2010.
    Principles of procreative beneficence (PPBs) hold that parents have good reasons to select the child with the best life prospects. Sparrow (2010) claims that PPBs imply that we should select only female children, unlesswe attach normative significance to “normal” human capacities. We argue that this claim fails on both empirical and logical grounds. Empirically, Sparrow’s argument for greater female wellbeing rests on a selective reading of the evidence and the incorrect assumption that an advan…Read more
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    Razones para el socialismo
    Análisis Filosófico 24 (1): 114-119. 2004.