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    Mindfulness, by any other name…: trials and tribulations of sati in western psychology and science
    with Nicholas T. Van Dam
    Contemporary Buddhism 12 (1): 219-239. 2011.
    The Buddhist construct of mindfulness is a central element of mindfulness-based interventions and derives from a systematic phenomenological programme developed over several millennia to investigate subjective experience. Enthusiasm for ?mindfulness? in Western psychological and other science has resulted in proliferation of definitions, operationalizations and self-report inventories that purport to measure mindful awareness as a trait. This paper addresses a number of seemingly intractable iss…Read more
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    Seriously ill people typically confront an abundance of overwhelmingly unpleasant stimuli, events and processes. Long-term or acute serious disease, modalities of therapy, inhospitable treatment environments and loss of normal functions and roles, are all likely to create a feeling tone of extreme unpleasantness that can lead to emotions of sadness, anxiety, despair, depression, sense of isolation, alienation and betrayal. Nevertheless, research indicates that patients with serious disease may s…Read more