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    Efficacy of an ACT and Compassion-Based eHealth Program for Self-Management of Chronic Pain (iACTwithPain): Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial
    with Sérgio A. Carvalho, Inês A. Trindade, Joana Duarte, Bruno Patrão, Maria Rita Nogueira, Raquel Guiomar, Teresa Lapa, José Pinto-Gouveia, and Paula Castilho
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    BackgroundChronic pain has serious medical and social consequences and leads to economic burden that threatens the sustainability of healthcare services. Thus, optimized management of pain tools to support CP patients in adjusting to their condition and improving their quality of life is timely. Although acceptance and commitment therapy is considered an evidence-based psychological approach for CP, evidence for the efficacy of online-delivered ACT for CP is still scarce. At the same time, studi…Read more
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    Multiphysics anomaly map: A new data fusion workflow for geophysical interpretation
    with Julio Cesar S. O. Lyrio, Jorlivan L. Correa, and Adriano R. Viana
    Interpretation 8 (2). 2020.
    When collecting and processing geophysical data for exploration, the same geologic feature can generate a different response for each rock property being targeted. Typically, the units of these responses may differ by several orders of magnitude; therefore, the combination of geophysical data in integrated interpretation is not a straightforward process and cannot be performed by visual inspection only. The multiphysics anomaly map that we have developed is a data fusion solution that consists o…Read more