• Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going onto Ethics by Cora Diamond
    Journal of the History of Philosophy 58 (2): 412-413. 2020.
    In many ways, this is a difficult and important book about a difficult and important book about a difficult and important book. It is also much more, as Diamond highlights Anscombe's work on ethics and action as she moves to engage metaethical questions about relativism and truth. One of the unifying threads is the matter of thinking about thinking, especially the ways we respond to thinking that has gone astray. Thinking that does go astray traverses paths with "dangerous spots," as Wittgenstei…Read more
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    Swimming Against the Mainstream Gay and Lesbian Agenda
    Radical Philosophy Today 3 83-89. 2006.
    In many ways, the struggle for gay and lesbian rights has come of age, and mainstream politics in the USA shows signs of embracing the votes and monetary contributions of organized gay and lesbian constituents. But the author warns that a movement for sexual liberation pays too high a price when it mimics a conservative language of “family values.” Since the framework of “family” language is implicated in structures of heteronormativity and patriarchy, sexual liberation that plays the “family la…Read more
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    Wittgenstein’s Account of Truth
    Review of Metaphysics 58 (3): 656-657. 2005.
    This book argues that Wittgenstein provides an original and viable alternative to both a realist conception of truth conditions, on the one hand, and semantic anti-realism, on the other. Ellenbogen’s advancement of this alternative rests heavily upon what she calls Wittgenstein’s dictum that meaning is use, as well as his notion of criteria. Ellenbogen argues that according to Wittgenstein, it is correct to predicate “is true” of something when the criterion for calling it true is met. Questions…Read more
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    Combating homophobia, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination and violence in our society requires more than just focusing on the overt acts of prejudiced and abusive individuals. The very intelligibility of such acts, in fact, depends upon a background of shared beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that together form the context of social practices in which these acts come to have the meaning they do. This book, inspired by Wittgenstein as well as feminist and critical race theory, shine…Read more
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    This essay examines some stereotypes of bisexuals held by some lesbians. I argue that the decision that a lesbian makes not to become involved with a bisexual woman because she is bisexual can recenter men in lesbian desire, a consequence many lesbians would find deeply problematic. The acceptance of these stereotypes also results in sex becoming the defining characteristic of one's sexual orientation, thus privileging sex over any emotional, affectional, and political commitments to women
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    Feminist Interpretations of Ludwig Wittgenstein (edited book)
    Pennsylvania State University Press. 2002.
    The original essays in this volume, while written from diverse perspectives, share the common aim of building a constructive dialogue between two currents in philosophy that seem not readily allied: Wittgenstein, who urges us to bring our words back home to their ordinary uses, recognizing that it is our agreements in judgments and forms of life that ground intelligibility; and feminist theory, whose task is to articulate a radical critique of what we say, to disrupt precisely those taken-for-gr…Read more
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    "A reassessment of metaethics that attempts to undermine the nature/normativity or world/language divide, and offer an alternative account of the world-language relationship.