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    Rudolph agricola's reading of literature
    Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 48 23-41. 1985.
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    This essay reflects on the different uses that its author has made of the Warburg Institute Library, first as a student, resident in the Library for two years, then as a visitor on day-long research trips from Warwick, and most recently as director of the Institute. After describing how the Library shelves can be accessed now electronically and discussing the arrangements of the opening sections of the fourth floor (history) and the second floor (comparative literature, poetics, and rhetoric), t…Read more
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    Montaigne’s wide and critical reading contributed enormously to his writing. that we know more about Montaigne’s reading than any other Renaissance author. This chapter begins by discussing the books Montaigne read and the comments he made on his reading. It argues that we should take seriously his advice to read in order to become wise, by discovering one’s own views, rather than to become learned, by summarizing the views of others. It describes Montaigne’s method of writing in reaction to his…Read more
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    Introduction: Warburg's Library and Its Legacy
    with Anthony Grafton, Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Michael Baxandall, Elizabeth Sears, Georges Didi-Huberman, Carlo Ginzburg, Joseph Leo Koerner, Christopher S. Wood, and Jill Kraye
    Common Knowledge 18 (1): 1-16. 2012.
    In this introduction to a Common Knowledge special issue on the Warburg Institute, the authors argue that the Institute remains today — as it has been, in different forms, for almost a century — one of Europe's central institutions for the study of cultural history. At once a rich and uniquely organized library, a center for doctoral and postdoctoral research, and a teaching faculty, the Institute was first envisioned by Aby Warburg, a pioneering historian of art and culture from a wealthy Jewis…Read more
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  • Montaigne and Christian humanism
    In Arie Johan Vanderjagt, A. A. MacDonald, Z. R. W. M. von Martels & Jan R. Veenstra (eds.), Christian Humanism: Essays in Honour of Arjo Vanderjagt, Brill. 2009.