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    Targeting IL-17B-IL-17RB signaling with an anti-IL-17RB antibody blocks pancreatic cancer metastasis by silencing multiple chemokines (review)
    with H. H. Wu, W. W. Hwang-Verslues, W. H. Lee, C. K. Huang, C. L. Chen, J. Y. Shew, Lee Eyhp, Y. M. Jeng, Y. W. Tien, and C. Ma
    © 2015 Wu et al. Pancreatic cancer has an extremely high mortality rate due to its aggressive metastatic nature. Resolving the underlying mechanisms will be crucial for treatment. Here, we found that overexpression of IL-17B receptor strongly correlated with postoperative metastasis and inversely correlated with progression-free survival in pancreatic cancer patients. Consistently, results from ex vivo experiments further validated that IL-17RB and its ligand, IL-17B, plays an essential role in …Read more