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    Toward an Ethics of Production: Vico and Analogy, Ricoeur and Imagination
    Philosophy and Theology 9 (3/4): 389-418. 1996.
    This essay offers a constructive proposal for an ethics of production using key elements from the thinking of Giambattista Vico. It seeks to move toward a social ethic that is both congruent with theological concerns and pertinent to the economic issues in a complex, rapidly changing society. The approach sets out the ethics of production in three operations: the analogy between production and the formation of the person; the cultural prerequisites for the realization of this analogy; and the ex…Read more
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    Economic Participation: The Discourse of Work
    International Philosophical Quarterly 30 (3): 331-342. 1990.
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    Reply to Gordon
    International Philosophical Quarterly 31 (2): 227-229. 1991.
  • Review (review)
    The Thomist 57 708-714. 1993.
  • Reply to Gordon: Discourse at Work
    International Philosophical Quarterly 31 (2): 227-229. 1991.
  • L'article lit la pensée de Mausbach et Nell-Breuning de façon constructive de façon à explorer la base théologique d'une éthique sociale productive. La transcendance divine est continuellement engagée dans l'histoire des hommes; par ailleurs, le développement et l'engagement des hommes dans l'histoire glorifient Dieu. Le discernement des valeurs et la doctrine de la loi naturelle rendent possible l'oeuvre de la justice. Une perspective trinitaire sur le discernement favorise l'initiative, l'enga…Read more