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    Reimagining Sisyphus
    Philosophy Now 75 12-13. 2009.
    Philip Villamor rethinks Albert Camus’ famous rock’n’roll parable. Pointing out that Camus' "The Myth of Sisyphus" is a sort of intellectual dishonesty designed to support the idea that one can be happy without the hope of something more than existence, Villamor challenges the idea that "the struggle itself" is enough to make one "happy." Villamor concludes that we must imagine Sisyphus as "hopeful" and "more human."
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    The Grand Trumpeter
    Political Animal Magazine. 2017.
    "The Grand Trumpeter" brings a new slant to a well-known story, "The Grand Inquisitor." This new story, much like Dostoevsky's version, is definitely idea-led writing that touches on politics, culture (religion), and philosophy. This effort is best characterized as fiction. It is satirical because it does seek to expose, but it is not satire along the lines of The Onion or magazines like that.