Medical University of Łódź, Poland
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    I argue that a slight shift in our understanding of the notion of existence is needed in order to cope with the problem of external world and the problem of mind and body. As a consequence of it being taught by "givenness" of the subjective mind, and despite its applicability in objective contexts, it should be considered a "tool" akin to qualia, rather than pertaining to a "true", objective reality. In plain language, one's supposed relation with their surroundings is known to them only in term…Read more
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    I argue that our direct experience and some physical facts do not go well with an understanding of perception as a mechanism producing a representation of a ''truly'' outer world. Instead, it is much more coherent to treat what is traditionally considered an image in this context as a closed structure equipped in its own ontology, replacing the ''truly'' outer one from the point of view of an agent possessing it. In such a framework, the notion of existence is taken to be defined by consciousnes…Read more
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    I argue that the presence of subjective, qualitative consciousness in our world is - at first sight maybe surprisingly - related with ontological complexities surrounding measurement in quantum theory. Both issues can be cleared up by a suitable redefinition of the notion of observer - by equipping them with subjective ontology and waving goodbye to the global one, covering “the whole reality”.