•  38
    Hand Data Glove: A Wearable Real-Time Device for Human-Computer Interaction
    with Jyoti Verma and Shitala Prasad
    In Zdravko Radman (ed.), The Hand, Mit Press. pp. 43. 2012.
  •  8
    The impact of trivial attributes on inaction inertia
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 25 (4): 733-743. 2019.
  •  3
    Median raphe cyst: report of two cases
    with Anupam Das, S. Savant Sushil, and Rizwana Barkat
    Median raphe cysts are rare congenital lesions ofthe male genitalia that occur as a result of alteredembryologic development. We report two such casesof median raphe cysts in the pediatric age group. Inaddition, we review the literature.
  •  2
    Investigating the role of added versus subtracted ingredients in counterinferencing and preference formation
    with Plamen P. Peev
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 27 (1): 17-26. 2021.
  •  1
    Optimized LMS algorithm for system identification and noise cancellation
    with Mohammad Asif Ikbal and Qianhua Ling
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 30 (1): 487-498. 2021.
    Optimization by definition is the action of making most effective or the best use of a resource or situation and that is required almost in every field of engineering. In this work, the optimization of Least Mean square algorithm is carried out with the help of Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization. Efforts have been made to find out the advantages and disadvantages of combining gradient based algorithm with Swarm Intelligence SI. This optimization of LMS algorithm will help us…Read more
  • Periumbilical perforating pseudoxanthoma elasticum
    with S. Savant Sushil and Rizwana Barkat
    A 50-year-old woman presented with a 2-year history of a yellowish plaque studded with red brown keratotic papules in the periumbilical region. Histopathological examination from the yellow plaque showed curled and granular elastic fibers in the mid and lower dermis. Histopathological examination from a keratotic papule showed pathological elastic fibers and dense chronic inflammatory cells around areas of perforation. Clinicopathological correlation established periumbilical perforating pseudox…Read more