• Fa Lü Luo Ji Xue
    Wu Nan Tu Shu Chu Ban Gu Fen You Xian Gong Si. 2009.
  • Genomic organization of the complex α-gliadin gene loci in wheat
    with C. Crossman, X. Kong, M. Luo, F. M. You, D. Coleman-Derr, J. Dubcovsky, and O. D. Anderson
    To better understand the molecular evolution of the large α-gliadin gene family, a half-million bacterial artificial chromosome library clones from tetraploid durum wheat, Triticum turgidum ssp. durum, were screened for large genomic segments carrying the α-gliadin genes of the Gli-2 loci on the group 6 homoeologous chromosomes. The resulting 220 positive BAC clones - each containing between one and four copies of α-gliadin sequences - were fingerprinted for contig assembly to produce contiguous…Read more