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    Imagination and the Distinction between Image and Intuition in Kant
    Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy 6 1087-1120. 2020.
    The role of intuition in Kant’s account of experience receives perennial philosophical attention. In this essay, I present the textual case that Kant also makes extensive reference to what he terms “images” that are generated by the imagination. Beyond this, as I argue, images are fundamentally distinct from empirical and pure intuitions. Images and empirical intuitions differ in how they relate to sensation, and all images (even “pure images”) actually depend on pure intuitions. Moreover, all i…Read more
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    Carl Stumpf
    In Evan Clarke & Andrea Staiti (eds.), The Sources of Husserl’s 'Ideas I', De Gruyter. pp. 79-80. 2018.
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    Helmholtz on Perceptual Properties
    Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 6 (3). 2018.
    Hermann von Helmholtz’s work on perceptual science had a fundamental impact on Neo-Kantian movements in the late nineteenth century, and his influence continues to be felt in psychology and analytic philosophy of perception. As is widely acknowledged, Helmholtz denied that we can perceive mind-independent properties of external objects, a view I label Ignorance. Given his commitment to Ignorance, Helmholtz might seem to be committed to a subjectivism according to which we only perceive propertie…Read more