• Painful erythematous, infiltrated papulonodules in a middle aged man
    with Teena Mary Joseph, Namitha Chathra, Vidya Monappa, Sricharith Shetty, and Sathish Pai
    Cutaneous leiomyomas often present as painfultumors in the skin. Herein we report an adultman who presented with multiple, erythematouspapulonodules in both segmental and non-segmentaldistribution.
  • Infantile Iron Deficiency Affects Brain Development in Monkeys Even After Treatment of Anemia
    with Roza M. Vlasova, Qian Wang, Auriel Willette, Martin A. Styner, Gabriele R. Lubach, Pamela J. Kling, Michael K. Georgieff, and Christopher L. Coe
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15. 2021.
    A high percent of oxidative energy metabolism is needed to support brain growth during infancy. Unhealthy diets and limited nutrition, as well as other environmental insults, can compromise these essential developmental processes. In particular, iron deficiency anemia has been found to undermine both normal brain growth and neurobehavioral development. Even moderate ID may affect neural maturation because when iron is limited, it is prioritized first to red blood cells over the brain. A primate …Read more