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    Obstacles to Mathematization in Physics: The Case of the Differential
    with J. Martínez Sáez and J. Martínez Torregrosa
    Science & Education 24 (5-6): 591-613. 2015.
  •  3
    La Jurisprudencia
    Arbor 175 (691): 1351-1355. 2003.
  • Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability: New Policy Options (edited book)
    with Michael A. Toman
    Oxford University Press UK. 2006.
    Economic growth as we know it today cannot persist indefinitely if it entails continuous degradation of natural resources and the environment. While in a few countries around the world it appears that environmental degradation has been the result of rapid economic growth, in the vast majority of the developing countries the environment has been equally spoiled despite slow or even negative economic growth. This book provides new insights on the common roots of economic stagnation, poverty and en…Read more