• AWSAR Awarded Popular Science Stories: by Scientists for the People (edited book)
    with B. K. Tyagi, K. B. Bhushan, G. Jain, and Avilekh N.
    Vigyan Prasar. 2020.
  • The genome of the intracellular bacterium of the coastal bivalve, Solemya velum: A blueprint for thriving in and out of symbiosis
    with O. Dmytrenko, S. L. Russell, W. T. Loo, K. M. Fontanez, L. Liao, G. Roeselers, F. J. Stewart, I. L. G. Newton, T. Woyke, D. Wu, J. M. Lang, J. A. Eisen, and C. M. Cavanaugh
    © 2014 Dmytrenko et al.Background: Symbioses between chemoautotrophic bacteria and marine invertebrates are rare examples of living systems that are virtually independent of photosynthetic primary production. These associations have evolved multiple times in marine habitats, such as deep-sea hydrothermal vents and reducing sediments, characterized by steep gradients of oxygen and reduced chemicals. Due to difficulties associated with maintaining these symbioses in the laboratory and culturing t…Read more