•  116
    Ethics of End-of-Life Care: The Need for Improved Communication among Physicians, Patients, and Families
    with D. Passigli, S. Paul, Pamela Saha, and Subrata Saha
    Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine 2 (1): 45-69. 2011.
  •  44
    Comprehension and Recall of Informed Consent among Participating Families in a Birth Cohort Study on Diarrhoeal Disease
    with E. W. Grandin, B. P. Gladstone, J. Muliyil, and G. Kang
    Public Health Ethics 2 (1): 37-44. 2009.
    Comprehension and recall of informed consent was assessed after the study closure in the parents/guardians of a birth cohort of children participating in an intensive three-year diarrhoeal surveillance. A structured questionnaire was administered by field workers who had not participated in the study's follow-up protocol. Of 368 respondents, 329 (89.4 per cent) stated that the study was adequately explained during enrolment, but only 159 (43.2 per cent) could recall that it was on diarrhoea. Nea…Read more
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    Structure–property correlation of a boron and carbon modified as castβtitanium alloy
    with P. Ghosal, T. K. Nandy, and K. K. Ray
    Philosophical Magazine 93 (15): 1936-1957. 2013.