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    On the Energy Concept Problem: Experiments and Interpretations
    Foundations of Science 26 (3): 607-624. 2020.
    The principle of conservation of energy tells us that ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transformed’. The validity of the principle is without question. The problem is the concept. Contemporary physicists have asserted that we do not know what energy is. We find, however, 19th century physicists, contemporary physicists and historians of science who converge on the point: Mayer and Joule discovered energy. Therefore, we do not know what energy is, but we know these authors di…Read more
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    On the Composition of Force: Algorithm and Experiment
    Axiomathes 31 (2): 199-210. 2021.
    Philosophers have disagreed on the composition of force for decades. The main divergence concerns the fundamental question: given a certain motion that is observable, which force or forces are present in it, component or resultant forces? The present paper focuses on the conditions for dealing with this problem. I will argue that we are not able to infer force from the observation of a motion, as required by the problem. I will further argue that the validity of the Newtonian algorithm is not a …Read more
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    The present comment on Solari and Natiello’s paper values their constructivist approach to Newtonian Mechanics. My critical point concerns only the link between the concept of force and phenomena. It will be shown that the idealised form of the law of inertia created by the authors avoids criticism of the law and that this law leads to the concept of force as the cause of acceleration. This concept appears in the authors’ reconstruction as an assumption. They add that this assumption must be con…Read more
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    Time and Space, Concepts and Phenomena
    Science & Education 26 (3-4): 439-443. 2017.
  • Zur Physik von Descartes: Naturgesetze und Stossregeln
    Philosophia Naturalis 39 (1): 45-60. 2002.
  • Zur Physik von Descartes: Naturgesetze und Stoßregeln
    Philosophia Naturalis 39 45-60. 2002.