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    A survey of ethics and regulation within the ICT industry in Australia: ethics education
    with Nyree Mason
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 6 (4): 349-363. 2008.
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    Protective effect of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone agonist in bacterial toxin-induced pulmonary barrier dysfunction
    with I. Czikora, S. Sridhar, B. Gorshkov, I. B. Alieva, A. Kasa, J. Gonzales, O. Potapenko, N. S. Umapathy, H. Pillich, Rick F. G., N. L. Block, A. D. Verin, T. Chakraborty, M. A. Matthay, and A. V. Schally
    Rationale: Antibiotic treatment of patients infected with G- or G+ bacteria promotes release of the toxins lipopolysaccharide and pneumolysin in their lungs. Growth Hormone-releasing Hormone agonist JI-34 protects human lung microvascular endothelial cells, expressing splice variant 1 of the receptor, from PLY-induced barrier dysfunction. We investigated whether JI-34 also blunts LPS-induced hyperpermeability. Since GHRH receptor signaling can potentially stimulate both cAMP-dependent barrier-pr…Read more
  • Desafío ecológico: implicationes antropológicas
    Gregorianum 74 (4): 711-724. 1993.