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    The influence of initial attitudes on responses to communication about genetic engineering in food production
    with Lynn J. Frewer and Chaya Howard
    Agriculture and Human Values 15 (1): 15-30. 1998.
    Source credibility has been thought to bean important determinant of peoples‘ reactions toinformation about technology. There has also been muchdebate about the need to communicate effectively withthe public about genetic engineering, particularlywithin the context of food production. Questionnaireswere used to investigate the impact of sourcecredibility, admission of risk uncertainty, andinitial attitude towards genetic engineering onattitudes of respondents after information provision.120 resp…Read more
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    The Role of Moral Judgments Within Expectancy-Value-Based Attitude-Behavior Models
    with Paul Sparks
    Ethics and Behavior 12 (4): 299-321. 2002.
    Rational choice models are characterized by the image of the self-interested Homo economicus. The role of moral concerns, which may involve a concern for others' welfare in people's judgments and choices, questions the descriptive validity of such models. Increasing evidence of a role for perceived moral obligation within the expectancy-value-based theory of reasoned action and the theory of planned behavior indicates the importance of moral-normative influences in social behavior. In 2 studies,…Read more