Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Profit efficiency and influencing factors for the inefficiency of maize production in Bangladesh
    with K. M. Mehedi Adnan, Swati Anindita Sarker, Riffat Ara Zannat Tama, and Prithila Pooja
    Journal of Agriculture and Food Research 5 1-8. 2021.
    This study examines the profit efficiency and the responsible factors for inefficiency in 350 hybrid maize growers in selected areas of Bangladesh by using the profit frontier function and inefficiency effects model. A multistage stratified random sampling procedure was used for data collection. This study proves that maize production is profitable. The average net return is 32392 BDT/acre and the benefit-cost ratio was more than 2. Farmers use more organic manure, but less chemical fertilizer t…Read more
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    Implementation of Tobacco Control Policies in Bangladesh: A Political Economy Analysis
    with Md Mahmudul Hoque
    Public Administration Research 10 (2): 36-51. 2021.
    After ratifying the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control in 2004, Bangladesh enacted anti-tobacco laws, policies, and administrative measures. Evidence suggests that the progress so far has not been significant, and Bangladesh will most likely fail to meet its target to become tobacco-free by 2040. This study undertakes a national-level political economy analysis to explore the dynamics that affect the processes of required tobacco policy reforms and implementation. Based on a desk review of…Read more
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    Assessing farmers’ intention towards conservation agriculture by using the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior
    with Liu Ying, Man Yu, Md Mahmudul Hoque, K. M. Mehedi Adnan, and Swati Anindita Sarker
    Journal of Environmental Management 1 (280): 1-10. 2021.
    Conservation agriculture is considered as an agro-ecological approach to the sustainable and resource-saving crop production system. Previous studies on the adoption of agricultural innovation often consider socio-economic characteristics and overlook underlying psychological factors influencing farmers' behavioral intention. This study adopted three socio-psychological constructs, Attitude, Subjective Norm (SN), and Perceived Behavioral Control (PBC), which originated from the Theory of Planned…Read more
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    An Empirical Study on Socio-economic Status of Women Labor in Rice Husking Mill of Bangladesh
    with Liu Ying, Fardous Ara Happy, and Md Mahmudul Hoque
    South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics 2 (2): 1-9. 2018.
    The economy of Bangladesh mainly depends on agriculture. Any development can’t be possible because females and males are equally distributed in the country. Women can play a vital role if they properly participated in farm activities as well as in other income-generating activities outside the home. Rice mills are very much dependent on human labour, and almost 5 millions of unorganised workers are working in different rice mills, and more than 60 per cent of them is a female worker. But the wor…Read more
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    China's Belt and Road Initiative: Global Politics and Implications
    European Scientific Journal 16 (31): 279-299. 2020.
    Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a global infrastructure development project that ambitiously aims to connect Asia with European and African continents through land and sea corridors. China adopted this gigantic game-changing master plan in 2013 and spurred much speculation among scholars and policymakers worldwide. This article investigates the development of the project through the lens of global political geography and economy. From an international relations perspective, the authors consult…Read more