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Philosophy of Mind
  •  35
    Attention as Experience: Through Thick Thin
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 17 (9-10): 9-10. 2010.
    Is our experience of the world 'rich' or 'thin'? In other words, are we aware of unattended sensory stimuli, or are the contents of our consciousness constrained by what we attend to? A recent, ingenious, attempt to address this issue offers us a seemingly unavailable, 'moderate' option; our experience is somewhere between the two. But before we make our minds up about this conclusion, we should see that it resulted from conflating two ways of construing the relevant concepts. I claim that, one …Read more
  •  23
    Block’s Paradox?
    Review of Philosophy and Psychology 14 (4): 1405-1419. 2023.
    Philosophical accounts of visual perception have long had to contend with questions of perceptual relativity: visual phenomenology seems to be influenced by factors independent of the objective properties of the external objects we perceive. More recently, a host of such examples has emerged from psychological studies on visual attention. In two prominent accounts of the consequences of this research, Block argues that these effects occur without changes in the way one visually represents the wo…Read more
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    Paying Attention to Consciousness
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (5-6): 52-69. 2015.
    Investigations into the relationship between attention and awareness appear to agree on one thing; the former is neither necessary nor sufficient for the latter. I argue that this might be a mistake. I look at a series of blindsight experiments, which conclude that attention occurs in the absence of awareness. By combining these cases with a widely accepted neurophysiological model of attention, I claim that the experiments are not nearly as compelling as they initially appear. I conclude by sho…Read more