Rik van der Linden

Erasmus MC
  •  27
    Exploring health and disease concepts in healthcare practice: an empirical philosophy of medicine study
    with Maartje H. N. Schermer
    BMC Medical Ethics 25 (1): 1-15. 2024.
    In line with recent proposals for experimental philosophy and philosophy of science in practice, we propose that the philosophy of medicine could benefit from incorporating empirical research, just as bioethics has. In this paper, we therefore take first steps towards the development of an empirical philosophy of medicine, that includes investigating practical and moral dimensions. This qualitative study gives insight into the views and experiences of a group of various medical professionals and…Read more
  •  29
    ‘If it can't be coded, it doesn't exist’. A historical-philosophical analysis of the new ICD-11 classification of chronic pain
    with Timo Bolt and Mario Veen
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 94 (C): 121-132. 2022.
  •  35
    Health and disease as practical concepts: exploring function in context-specific definitions
    with Maartje Schermer
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 25 (1): 131-140. 2021.
    Despite the longstanding debate on definitions of health and disease concepts, and the multitude of accounts that have been developed, no consensus has been reached. This is problematic, as the way we define health and disease has far-reaching practical consequences. In recent contributions it is proposed to view health and disease as practical- and plural concepts. Instead of searching for a general definition, it is proposed to stipulate context-specific definitions. However, it is not clear h…Read more