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    North America and New Zealand were colonized by England under an international legal principle that is known today as the Doctrine of Discovery. When Europeans set out to explore and exploit new lands in the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries, they justified their sovereign and property claims over these territories and the Indigenous people with the Discovery Doctrine. This legal principle was justified by religious and ethnocentric ideas of European and Christian superiority over the ot…Read more
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    Probabilistic reasoning about epistemic action narratives
    with Fabio Aurelio D'Asaro, Antonis Bikakis, and Luke Dickens
    Artificial Intelligence 287 103352. 2020.
  • M odular- E and the role of elaboration tolerance in solving the qualification problem
    with Antonis Kakas and Loizos Michael
    Artificial Intelligence 175 (1): 49-78. 2011.