University of California, San Diego
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 1989
Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
  • Socratic Elenchus and the Coherence Theory of Truth
    Dissertation, University of California, San Diego. 1989.
    The elenchus, Socrates' method in Plato's 'early' dialogues, consists of Socrates' eliciting a definition of some moral term from the interlocutor, then proceeding to demonstrate that that definition has consequences at odds with other things the interlocutor believes. Socrates' goal is standardly to force the interlocutor to abandon his definition. But this relies on the secondary beliefs' having some special status, for otherwise, it would be open to the interlocutor to cling to his definition…Read more
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    The machinery of the collapse: on Republic VIII
    History of Political Thought 23 (1): 22-29. 2002.
    I link together the nuptial number, that ‘whole geometric number', represented as the areas of two distinct figures -- a square and a rectangle -- with the ‘triangles in ascending order'. I locate an indeterminancy in the conditions for the production of the ‘divine creature', which I take to be a philosopher , and suggest a new interpretation of the breakdown of the eugenics programme. I try to show how and why that breakdown is metaphysically necessary. I argue that Plato uses mathematical ind…Read more
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    Teaching Nonmajors
    Teaching Philosophy 33 (2): 216-220. 2010.
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    Socratic Piety and Socrates’ Defense
    Modern Schoolman 82 (4): 193-210. 2005.
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    Teaching Nonmajors: Advice for Liberal Arts Professors (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 33 (2): 216-220. 2010.
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    This work is an introduction to logic, covering what is most commonly taught in the first term of a two-term sequence in logic at four-year colleges and universities. It is designed for use by community college students who plan to transfer credits to four-year institutions. The material covered seeks to maintain logic's place in philosophical thought systems, and avoids political examples in order to appeal to reason and study rather than ill-conceived jokes that often offend students' varying …Read more
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    Scruton, Roger. The Soul of the World (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 68 (2): 443-445. 2014.
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    Plato on Moral Expertise
    Lexington Books. 2008.
    Moral expertise in the Laches -- The Laches -- Socratic ignorance and socratic wisdom -- Vituperation -- Virtue and craft -- Expertise in the Charmides -- Ironies -- The definitions -- Quietness -- Modesty -- Doing or making one's own -- Doing, not making, one's own -- Doing good things -- Knowing oneself -- Knowledge of itself and all other knowledges -- Good, evil, and temperance -- Expertise in republic -- Preliminaries -- Republic viii -- The text -- Mathematical indeterminacy -- Metaphysica…Read more