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    Mental Causation
    Aphex 17. 2018.
    This article aims to provide a brief overview of mental causation problem and its current proposed solutions. Indeed, mental causation turns out as one of the most difficult philosophical conundrums in contemporary philosophy of mind. In the first two sections, we offer an outline of the problem and the philosophical debate about it, and show that mental causation problem is pivotal within the contemporary philosophy of mind. In the third section, we focus on the most popular models of mental ca…Read more
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    During the last century, most philosophers of science have tried to expunge teleological explanations from the fields of epistemology. They took for granted that the Darwinian concepts of natural selection and evolution effectively dispense us with any presence of goal-directedness in nature: based on an anti-metaphysical attitude, they hold purposes and goals to be of religious and spiritual nature, thereby obstacles to any effective comprehension of biological processes. Accordingly, teleologi…Read more
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    The self and its causal powers between metaphysics and science
    European Journal for Philosophy of Science 11 (1): 1-25. 2021.
    According to the thesis of powerism, our world is pervaded by causal powers which are metaphysically basic. The aim of this paper is to defend the existence of the self, defined as a substantial entity, and its mental powers. This claim, which may seem a bold one, should not be deemed as inconsistent with scientific evidence. In fact, this approach does not ignore empirical knowledge, but is not bound only to it in order to understand entities, properties, and the relationship between them. Aris…Read more
  • Il problema della coscienza
    Bérénice 46 43-64. 2014.
    In the twentieth century there was a fundamental debate on the problem of consciousness within a philosophical perspective. In fact, one of the most difficult tasks for a philosopher of mind is to comprehend the role of phenomenal properties. Some philosophers want to convince us that phenomenal properties are completely reducible to physical properties, whereas others admit that our consciousness possesses non physical qualities. My aim in this paper is to provide a dualist perspective in order…Read more
  • Construing Donald Davidson
    Itinerari 3 129-140. 2013.
    This paper is focused on the analysis of the relationship between Davidson’s classical essays in Philosophy of Language and the thesis he developed with the article “A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs”. I shall argue that the idea of language defended by Davidson in the eighties doesn’t present similarities with Wittgenstein’s approach, as it is assumed by some scholars. In this respect, I reject the idea according to which we should assume the existence of an “early” and a “later” Donald Davidson a…Read more