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    The Greening of Heart and Mind: A Love Story
    Environmental Ethics 31 (2): 155-168. 2009.
    Some environmentalists have argued that an effective ecological conscience may be rooted in a perspective that is either anthropocentric or sentiocentric. But, neither seems to have had any substantial effect on the ways in which our species treats nature. In looking to successfully awaken the ecological conscience, the focus should be on extending moral consideration to the land (wherein doing so includes all of the soils, waters, plants, animals, and the collectivity of which these things comp…Read more
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    The Dominance Principle in Epistemic Decision Theory
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 96 (3): 763-775. 2018.
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    Richard Pettigrew: Accuracy and the Laws of Credence
    Journal of Philosophy 114 (9): 503-508. 2017.
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    I provide critical discussion of conception of and talk of psychic integration which I take to be both excessive and deficient; these viciously extreme positions are championed by the Apostle Paul and St. Augustine, and by Jacques Lacan and María Lugones, respectively. I suggest that we must negotiate a Buddhist-inspired understanding located between these extremes in endorsing any acceptable conception of the self, generally speaking—a conception which, contra the strong antirealist about selve…Read more