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    Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyse and criticize the argument of the experimenters' regress proposed by Harry Collins in 1985. In order to do that, I begin with an introduction to the experiments that aimed to detect gravity waves performed by Joseph Weber during 1970, then I analyse and discuss both forms of the argument: the epistemological and the ontological. Finally, after giving an outline of a theory of experimental reproduction and an explication of the concept of replication,…Read more
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    Despite the fact that reproduction of experiments by peers has traditionally been regarded as of the utmost importance in enabling the intersubjectivity of scientific practice, reproductions may yield discordant results and deciding which result should be favored may not be an easy task. According to Harry Collins, experimental disagreement is resolved by the action of social, political and economic factors, but not by means of epistemic and scientific, or so-called internal reasons. His motivat…Read more
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    La vida propia del experimento: una análisis crítico de la autonomía de la experimentación
    Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia 37 (2): 213-238. 2011.
    The idea that experimentation is autonomous is widely shared amongst the New Experimentalists. However, it is not precisely stated how we should understand this thesis, or how to interpret it. In consequence, the aim of this paper is to explicate the different ways in which the autonomy of experiment thesis could be read, and to suggest, taking into account an analysis of the process by which an experimental result is constituted and exemplifying this process by the means of the study of an expe…Read more
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    En este trabajo, partiendo de un experimento mental y de una exégesis del concepto de representación artística en la obra de Arthur Danto, mostraremos que hay serias dificultades para trazar una distinción de carácter esencialista entre representaciones artísticas y científicas. Negando la posibilidad de establecer dicha distinción y considerando la diferencia en cuestiones de uso y aplicación, cuestionaremos la necesidad de una teoría general de la representación científica y destacaremos, por …Read more