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    Medical Decision Making and the Family: An Examination of Controversies
    with M. Wang and P. -C. Lo
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 35 (5): 493-498. 2010.
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    Which medicine? Whose standard? Critical reflections on medical integration in China
    with I. Holliday
    Journal of Medical Ethics 33 (8): 454-461. 2007.
    There is a prevailing conviction that if traditional medicine (TRM) or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are integrated into healthcare systems, modern scientific medicine (MSM) should retain its principal status. This paper contends that this position is misguided in medical contexts where TRM is established and remains vibrant. By reflecting on the Chinese policy on three entrenched forms of TRM (Tibetan, Mongolian and Uighur medicines) in western regions of China, the paper challen…Read more
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    Exploring the Bioethics of Long-Term Care
    with J. T. L. Po Wah and H. M. Chan
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 32 (5): 395-399. 2007.